Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gift of Love award and new Challenge Blog with Blog Candy

Two Blog Awards

I have received Two Blog Awards - what an absolutely wonderful feeling!

The first award was orignated by Kellie Winnell Kellie started this award to thank all of the people that follow and comment on your blog. What a wonderful idea. This should be passed on to 5 people. The second award is The Gift of Love Award. There are no specifics for this award you just need to give it to 5 people.
It was a very difficult task to pick only 5 ......... So here are my five people I would like to pass the award on to.... just to say thanks for visiting so often and thank you for your support and encouragement during the early days of my blog - I really have a new love of my cardmaking thanks to you!

1. Chat Noir-
2. Jenna-
3. Sue from Oregon-
4. Shari-
5. Jaimee-

Also there is a new Challenge Blog called The Next Level

They are starting June 1st and giving away Blog Candy, check them out!


  1. Wow!! Thank you so much for this award. You have made me smile:) I will pass it along like you did.

    You have such a great blog. You are so creative and I love to look at your creations!!

  2. well congrats to you!!! and thanks for the info on the new challenge blog i will check it out :D

  3. ABSOLUTELY wow!! Thank you so much for thinking of me. I've just spent the nicest half hour or so posting and forwarding mine to friends. What a lovely thought, and how nice to send good things on.

    lots of love......